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Vimalssonic is committed to operating and progressing its business in a socially responsible way.

Over the years we have implemented various initiatives in order to serve the communities.

We have enabled access to Recycle books as well as computer systems across various government schools. Through our Menstrual Health Management program(MHM), we have promoted safe and hygienic practices among women and adolescent girls in tribal communities. We have participated in countless blood donation programs to promote blood donation awareness. We also work towards imparting holistic and progressive thinking to college students in their career paths.

We work through dedicated CSR projects in 4 focus areas -

1. Education

2. Environment. Health, Sanitation & Hygiene

3. Skill Development

4. Natural Calamities.

Philosophy of CSR VIMALSSONIC -

Will make a positive impact on Society & Community thru CSR activities that develop/improves their economic status and conserves the environment.

Purpose of CSR Activities -

1. To serve and be seen to serve the society to fulfill local and national goals in all the countries where we operate.

2. Provide opportunities for Vimalssonic employees to contribute to these efforts through volunteering.

Resources for CSR -

We propose to deploy the following resources for our CSR activities
Expertise : Of our Plant team through a structured volunteering program
Funds : Participate in activities with fund support
Facilities : Our factories to build skills in areas relevant to our business.
Resources from our business partners : Synergize our efforts with that of JV partners, customers, and suppliers & NGO’S
Resources from other companies within and outside the Vimalssonic : Look for opportunities for Synergies with like-minded organizations outside vimalssonic of companies


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